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CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Now Available For Select Devices

The CyanogenMod team has taken to Google+ to officially announce the impending availability of CM10 nightly builds for an array of devices. The newest iteration of CyanogenMod is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features several enhancements and features not available in Google’s stock firmware. Initially, builds will be available for the following… Read more

CyanogenMod 9 stable released, Team to now focus on CM10

The team of developers behind the CyanogenMod software announced yesterday that their CyanogenMod 9 release has reached gold status. The first CyanogenMod 9 stable builds had already been made available for download, starting with the ROM for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. However, that initial rom for the GNex was not meant for public release. The team notes… Read more

Root: Google Now Almost Fully Working On Ice Cream Sandwich!

Google Now has essentially been ported to Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs. This is the full, legit search, including the very natural Jelly Bean voice. I have tested it on my Galaxy S II running 4.0.4, and it works quite well most of the time. Sometimes the app can not show anything on screen, no matter what version I use, but in general it works well and… Read more

Sony Releases Xperia S Source Code

ROM developers can breathe easier. Sony has just released the source code for its newest flagship handset, the Xperia S. The code is based on Android 4.0.4 and covers the recently updated v6.1.A.0.452 ICS firmware. While this release may not be initially important for everyday users, hackers should start seeing more functional and stable ROMS in the… Read more

Source Released for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has let the source code for the Sprint version of their Galaxy S III out from secrecy.  Now, the Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile source codes are all available to developers out there.  What does this mean to the average Joe?  Immediately…  nothing.  However, having the source code for a device makes developing new ROMs a much more… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Receives Official CyanogenMod Nightly Builds

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be one of the top selling Android devices of the year, but some users just can’t deal with the company’s intrusive TouchWiz UI. That’s where Cyanogenmod comes in. The aftermarket firmware distributor has announced that official nightly builds are ready for installation on Samsung’s flagship device. Keep… Read more

New Wicked Sensations ROM For Epic 4G Touch

XDA Recognized Themer dazednconfused with some help from Team Venum has taken his first whack at a ROM and it looks beautiful.  The new ROM is based on the FE22 ICS stock ROM leak for the Samsung Galazy S II, Epic 4G Touch.  It comes with both Apex and ADW Launchers to choose from.  As you can see, due to the ROM being developed by a recognized… Read more

MIUI ROM by Xiaomi going open source

There are plenty of customizable, user-created ROMs out there. A lot of them. But there are only a few which manage to garner the attention of mainstream developers within the Android modding community, and manage to stick around over the years. Xiaomi, the company behind the ROM itself, has decided to go the open source route, providing the details of the… Read more

Dell Streak receives Android 2.3 update

Dell may have discontinued the Streak 5 a few months ago, but that isn’t stopping them from updating it to Android 2.3. A user on the XDA-Developer forums came across a link to the Korean Streak 5 update, and shared it with world. Anyone looking to upload the update to their tablet must have the version 350 of stock recovery on their tablets. The update is… Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich Ports Come to a Plethora of Devices

Whenever a new version of Android is announced the community gets very excited for ports to start popping up for their devices. One of the great things about the Android community is that you can always run the latest and greatest software without buying the latest and greatest device. Since ICS went open source a few weeks ago devs have been hard at… Read more