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Root Reviews: Multi Mount SD-Card

Thanks to being able to root my phone and take full advantage of root only apps, there isn’t much I can’t do anymore. In fact, so many hidden features come packed into most ROMs these days, I forget they are even there, taking them for granted until I need them or I’m going stock. There is one function, that until recently, I was always looking for. I… Read more

Root Reviews: Notification Restart

Today’s Memorial Day edition of Root Reviews will be a short one, but the featured app is one I’ve been waiting a long time for. As you may have guessed, from previous Root Reviews, I love CyanogenMod 7 themes. The theme engine makes it so incredibly easy to apply them, and the number of themes is growing ever larger. The only thing I don’t like about the… Read more

Root Reviews: Bootanimation Utility

For the longest time, changing the boot animation on my Nexus S never appealed to me. I never payed much attention to it, and besides, I didn’t have a problem representing CyanogenMod 7 every time I turned my device on. Then I saw something that changed my mind. It was a Honeycomb boot animation that was colored like the Nexus symbol. I really wanted it,… Read more

Root Reviews: Kernel Manager Pro

One of the more popular terms you’ll hear during your quest through the wide world of Android modification is kernel. Essentially, the term kernel in Android refers to the virtual bridge between the hardware of your device and the software, that also manages base services. In the more technical wording of the Android Developers Blog, Android relies… Read more

Root Reviews: How to install CyanogenMod 7

Normally, Root Reviews is all about root only apps. Today, however, is different. Out of all the questions I hear about Root Reviews, or any other review for that matter, is how to install CyanogenMod 7. This is going to be a general guide that applies to all phones. The process of obtaining and flashing CM7 is pretty similar between devices, but of… Read more

Root Reviews: Themes for CyanogenMod 7 by Sonny Sekhon

As much as I love root only utility-type apps like SetCPU and Barnacle, the real reason I wanted to root my phone was for the CyanogenMod themes. I am a huge sucker for customization, so when the T-Mobile theme engine was first introduced into CyanogenMod builds, I was excited to say the least. In fact, I covered it that weekend under, you guessed it, a… Read more

Root Reviews: Font Changer

One of my absolute favorite features of my old Samsung Vibrant — running whatever the best TW ROM was at the time — was the ability to easily change the system font. It was available right in the Setting>Display menu, and font packs downloaded from the Market worked wonderfully. Since then, I’ve been looking for an alternative, and so far the best app… Read more

Root Reviews: Virtual Trackball

There’s a long standing joke in the tech-world about just how different the hardware configurations are for nearly every Android device out there. There’s different screen sizes and different screen types; There’s different processors, memory amounts, button layouts. . . There’s one configuration not nearly as talked about as processors and screens that –… Read more

Root Reviews: Anim Mod

So far throughout Root Reviews, everything reviewed has worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, with all the options for ROMs and devices that Android brings to you, that isn’t always the case. It’s a trade off that can be well worth it, but to say there isn’t very common compatibility issues would be lying. Today’s example of this situation, involves my myTouch… Read more

Root Reviews: Theme Chooser

As far as carrier support for rooted Androids goes, it’s virtually non-existant. Until recently, carriers have been relatively quiet regarding the force behind the Android community. There is one carrier, however, working to change that. T-Mobile has recently begun making an a effort to show public support for the Android community by doing things like… Read more