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Root: Free HTC First SIM Unlock Now Available

The HTC First is a good little phone. With pure stock Android in a small size with some competent specs, it could please most people. If you want to learn more about it, read our full review! And for rooted users, a simple unlock method has been released. Using the unlock code given inside the phone itself, it is possible to SIM unlock the device… Read more

Google Glass Team Member Gets Sassy When Explaining That Google Glass Is Intentionally Unlocked

With Google Glass Explorer edition out to developers for $1500 a piece, you’d think it’d be obvious that the devices are fully unlocked for the developers pleasure. Apparently not, as some people might have thought that there were exploits that needed to be used. One of the Glass teams technical leads, Stephen Lau, posted this extra sassy response to… Read more

All-In-One Toolkit For The HTC One Released

If you’re planning to be the proud owner of the HTC One, but know you won’t be happy with stock software (I wouldn’t blame you), then we have good news for you. A developer by the name of Hasoon2000 has released an all-in-one toolkit for the One, doing everything from unlocking your bootloader to flashing kernels and recoveries. This should be a great… Read more