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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Root Method Out!

The device has only been in the peoples hand a few days, many of you are still waiting for it, but for you Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III owners a rooting method has already been posted.  XDA member cypher_zero posted a nice write up (he does not take credit of the method btw) on how to root your device today.  Already, recognized contributor qbking77… Read more

Sony Tablet S gets rooted

It may or may not be “about time” for one of the new tablets from Sony to gain root access, but if you own a Tablet S by Sony then your time for gaining root access to the device has finally come. Thanks to developer Dan Rosenberg, the man behind gaining root access to Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablet, you can now finally have all the fun you want with your Tablet… Read more

CM7 Boots Up on the Amazon Kindle Fire

It’s a documented fact that Android tablets haven’t been doing too well in the tablet space. The Nook Color has been considered the most succesfull Android tablet just because it’s low price tag makes it a dream for the hacking community. The Kindle Fire brings an even lower price tag than the Nook Color (and Nook Tablet), plus some updated specs. This… Read more

CyanogenMod 9 Gets an Alpha Build for the Nexus S

The most popular ROM right now is CyanogenMod 7, which is based off AOSP Gingerbread. Many people are awaiting CM9 which will be based off AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich. You might be wondering why it’s called CM9 and not CM4 since ICS is Android 4.0. CM naming is based on how many versions of Android there have been. Although ICS is Android 4.0 it’s the 9th… Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich Ports Come to a Plethora of Devices

Whenever a new version of Android is announced the community gets very excited for ports to start popping up for their devices. One of the great things about the Android community is that you can always run the latest and greatest software without buying the latest and greatest device. Since ICS went open source a few weeks ago devs have been hard at… Read more