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Samsung’s Smart Rotate Feature Cloned For Any Device

Samsung debuted a feature called Smart Rotate in their Galaxy Note II and have spread it to a lot of their phones, including the beloved Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II. Instead of using the accelerometer to rotate the phone (which depends on gravity), it uses facial recognition. Using the front facing camera, it can tell how you are looking at the phone… Read more

Set Orientation: A Free App That Gives You Orientation Control, Specifically On Your Nexus 7

For some reason, It’s never been a big deal to me until today.  I bought a case specifically so I could use my Nexus 7 supported in portrait mode.  I’ve also toyed around with editing the build.prop file on the Nexus 7 to get the home screen to rotate, but that wasn’t enough.  I installed Spotify on my Nexus 7 today to hook it up to my home stereo,… Read more