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Google once again rumored to be joining the tablet market, may aim for 7-inch device

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about Google “entering the tablet market.” The last time we heard about it, though, it was December of last year and there was talk that it could be a “Nexus” device. Those rumors have quieted down (thankfully), and now we’re left with this latest report from CNET, which is basing its story from a DisplaySearch… Read more

Samsung Galaxy B rumored to feature a bezel-less design

We know that Samsung has decided to skip a big event at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Instead, they will be showing off new devices at their booth at the trade show next week. Skipping the big spectacle, and with confirmation from Samsung, means that there probably won’t be any indication that the company’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S III… Read more

HTC One V also being unveiled at Mobile World Congress

HTC’s new naming structure is interesting, to say the least. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the new “One…” series of devices may be enough to promote HTC’s new “quality over quantity” strategy. Then again, if we keep hearing about upcoming devices, that may just go right out the window. This time around it’s the One V, which is rumored to be… Read more

Android 5.0 rumored to launch in the second quarter of 2012

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich currently has a 1 percent stake within the Android Army. On the bright side, that is looking to change at the end of this month with Mobile World Congress, and manufacturers set to announce plenty of new handsets with the latest build of Android already installed. But, those devices may not see the light of day on US-based… Read more

HTC rumored to receive PlayStation Certification later this year, sources claim

In the land of Android, differentiation is a major point of contest. Companies strive to create proprietary software to stand out, compared to other manufacturer’s custom user interfaces. For Sony, which has recently acquired Ericsson’s share in a multi-year deal, bringing their PlayStation games to their branded phones made sense, and for anyone serious… Read more

Instagram almost ready for Android debut, according to notification on Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the most popular applications out there is the social networking inspired image uploading service Instagram. While it is massively popular on a competing mobile operating system, it has yet to make an appearance on our favorite Android platform. But, there are plenty of rumors out there suggesting the application is on its way, and very soon. And now… Read more

Samsung releases event invite for March 22

While we sit here and continue to speculate about the next flagship device from Samsung, believed to be called the Galaxy S III, we’re still waiting for Samsung to divulge any and all information regarding the heavily rumored device. We may be getting closer to that much anticipated device if this latest event invite is any indicator of a release… Read more