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Motorola Spyder breaks cover, offers up angled edges and qHD Super AMOLED display

The Spyder name doesn’t want to go away, apparently. Actually, it looks like we’re playing a bit of the name game with this particular device. While the press image that you see above is certainly the same phone that we saw leaked just over a month ago, there seems to be some speculation going around about the name. While it’s still apparently believed that… Read more

Top Reasons to Wait For the DROID Prime [Video]

The DROID Prime is a device made up almost entirely of rumors. These rumors have really flared up over the past few weeks, including the possibility of a Verizon exclusive launch in October. These are all of course entirely from unknown and unnamed sources. A lot of the rumors include possible specifications, including processor speed, OS version and… Read more

Verizon launching the Samsung DROID Prime as an exclusive

Talk about the Samsung DROID Prime is starting to heat up, but at the moment it’s just about rumors. Rumors that are based entirely from unknown and unnamed sources. But, that’s the way it works in this industry, so anyone who is interested in getting their hands on the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich-based device should probably keep their eyes and ears… Read more

Motorola DROID HD may be known as the Spyder internally

On Monday, the Motorola DROID Bionic was seen yet again in a few photos picked up by the fine folks over at Engadget. But, while seeing the Bionic again is nothing to scoff at, there was another, unknown handset making the rounds at the same time. The handset is now known as the Motorola DROID HD, and information regarding the device was obviously pretty… Read more

HTC testing a new handset designed just for women

Just the thought of a phone manufacturer designing an Android handset just for women is strange, and according to This Is My Next, that’s exactly what HTC is doing. Making its way through study groups right now, the HTC Bliss is a calming green Android handset for Verizon that comes preloaded with software targeting women — shopping apps, calorie… Read more

Rumor alert: Motorola Droid Bionic canceled

According to a trusted insider on Howard Forums, the Motorola Droid Bionic for Verizon has been canceled in favor of another handset. With leaks and other rumors pointing towards Verizon producing several seemingly identical devices, the cancelation of the Bionic almost makes sense. Instead of continuing development on the Bionic, Motorola and… Read more