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Motorola Europe product director says Blur coming to Xoom

Frightening image via Gizmodo Yikes, here’s an awkward moment in daily tech news. CNET is reporting that Motorola’s director of Android product management in Europe, Jonathan Nattrass, stated that Motorola’s socially obsessed UI, Blur, will come to the Xoom tablet in an update. Wait…an update? So, if this story is correct, consumers will take home… Read more

More rumors of the Black Friday HTC tablet

Noah from PhoneDog has classified this HTC Chrome tablet for Verizon on Black Friday rumor as being totally bunk, but the details continue to spill out. Today’s rumor – amongst a flurry of news about Android tablets – says that the Chrome-powered slab will sport a display from N-Trig, an Israeli company that has provided multi-touch displays for HP, Dell,… Read more

Is this square Motowhat for real?

I’m not sure what to think about this photo. It came to me mysteriously with a tip that it’s supposed to be launched in May. My first impression is that it looks way too banged up to be some hot new device. Then again, my source says his buddy’s dad works for Motorola and let his son take the phone to school, who, in turn, lent the phone to my source to be… Read more

Good grief, Droid update postponed

I think this will be my last Droid 2.1 update post. There have been so many false starts; so many bad rumors, that I just don’t think it’s worth mentioning after today. How many times have we read that this thing was just around the corner now? Ugh. It will come when it comes. Looks like a serious bug – possibly a security flaw – has the update, which was… Read more

Nexus One with Sense for Verizon || UPDATED

UPDATE: Looks like the Sense reference was a typo, folks. Sense is, apparently, off the menu. Android Central has leaked a snap of Verizon’s internal system that indicates the Nexus One for VZW will be sold exclusively through Google’s online store (google.com/phone). Not only that, but the device will clearly run HTC’s Sense UI. Will Verizon be the… Read more