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Russians Run Two ROMs At The Same Time on Galaxy S II/Nexus S

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rf5RUOO7gsM Many people carry two phones at all times, most of the time for business reasons. But what if a phone could act like two different phones? Sure, we’ve seen dual booting before. It’s annoying to reboot and the second ROM often has to be the same type as the first. It’s an impractical… Read more

LG Nexus Review Pops Up, Oh Those Russians

Leave it to the Russians to post a review of a phone that hasn’t even been announced yet. Hilarious, this is why they rule the internet (mostly YouTube). Anyway, the Russians have posted a review of the LG Nexus, when Google hasn’t even announced the thing. There are some cool new details in the review, too. Here are a few: The inclusion of a… Read more