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Samsung Galaxy S III On Sprint Unboxing

The most anticipated Android phone this year is finally hitting the US, and DroidDog is here to cover it. We’ve got a couple Samsung Galaxy S IIIs in the house, and we’ll be starting out with an unboxing. This is of the Sprint model, which offers a few goodies like Google Wallet support. Watch the unboxing of it now! Also, take a peek at Marques’ first… Read more

Samsung, You’re Doing North America Right With The Galaxy S III

One year ago, in May of 2011, Samsung launched the Galaxy S II. At the time, many regions received the stock variant, and the European rollout went smoothly. One of the biggest problems for Samsung at the launch was one of their biggest markets: North America. It took until September, 5 months later, for the first Galaxy S II variant to hit the US. Now,… Read more