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Your Galaxy S III Has An STMicroelectronis Pressure Sensor

There’s a chip on the Galaxy S III called the STMicroelectronics LSP331AP, which is a pressure sensor. STMicroelectronics has decided to explain it to us, since it’s their new generation of pressure sensors. The chip is piezoresistor-equipped that uses pressure to track altitude. Even though it’s just a chip in a cell phone, it’s accurate enough to tell… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy S III Gets Jelly Bean Leak Of Its Own

While the international Galaxy S III getting so many Jelly Bean leaks, the US models got no love. They have different chipsets, so ports aren’t possible. However, we have some good news. A Jelly Bean build was leaked for the T-Mobile Galaxy S III, showing that Samsung is dedicated to updating even the carrier models as quickly as possible. The build… Read more

Another Jelly Bean Build Leaks For International Galaxy S III

It’s shocking how many Jelly Bean leaks the international Galaxy S III has gotten. Today, we have a new one leaked, making the total number 3. The build is XXDLH6 and comes as an Odin flashable .md5 file. These files are dead easy to flash from a Windows-based PC, and will flash the whole firmware in a minute with just a few clicks. The rate at which… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy S III Getting Update, Removing Local Search

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III is getting an update today, and it has been confirmed to strip the phone of local search. While unfortunate, it’s not a huge deal. The update is a bug fixer, so it’s probably worth it to update anyway. There may be other updates, like radio and kernel, too. Overall, it’s good news with a sprinkle of… Read more

Galaxy S III Running Official Jelly Bean Leak

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33DoSZuS1ao&feature=player_embedded This video has been found from a Mexican Android blog showing off a TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM running on a Galaxy S III. The video shows off a few new features, like a revamped notification bar. They added a brightness slider, like AOKP has. They also included expandable notifications, but… Read more

Drag Race Scratch Test Is A Unique Way To Test Phone Durability

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK318yBOvjw&feature=player_embedded#! Everyone has seen drop tests. They’re simple and show the effects of the average drop. It’s what people do, drop phones from about the same height. But there aren’t enough drop tests to show how durable a phone is for the extreme individual. In that case, what do said extreme… Read more