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New details on emerge the Samsung S5830

Just last week here at DroidDog, we brought you a preview of a device destined to be shown at MWC known as the Samsung S5830. If you need a little help remembering, it’s the one that looks like a knock-off iPhone 4. Well thanks to the Thai website MXPhone, we now have a couple different names tagged to the device, as well as some specs to go along with… Read more

MWC preview: The Samsung S5830

With Mobile World Congress going down a little over a month from now, you can expect to see more leaks on the devices that will be shown any minute now. Leaks like this one on the Samsung S5830. Not much is known about this “small version of the Galaxy S,” but we do have some decent specs to tag it with: The Samsung S5830 runs on Android 2.2.1… Read more