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Android Is Definitely Winning The OS “War”

Word has just come from Gartner, a top global research tech firm, that overall within the last quarter, Android has outsold iOS devices nearly 3-to-1 while capturing 64% of the worldwide market share. Gartner also reports that overall global sales for Q2 2012 dropped 2.3 percent compared to Q2 2011. These numbers however just further cements Android as… Read more

Court Documents reveal sales data for Samsung & Apple; Galaxy Prevail is Samsung’s Best-Selling US Smartphone since June 2010

The Apple vs. Samsung trial continues to reveal interesting information pertaining to the 2 juggernauts internal operations. The latest development in this saga has led to the release of sales numbers for both Samsung and Apple’s smart phones and tablets in the United States from June 2010 to July 2012. According to documents filed by Samsung lawyers… Read more