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HTC’s Revenue Jumps A Massive 48% In May

HTC’s revenue has been steadily falling every month, but starting in March, their revenue has slowly been going up. It hasn’t been much, being amount 4 billion NT a month, but now they seem to have a big increase in profits. May brought in 29 billion NT, a whopping 48.03% change over last month and bringing in 10 billion more than the previous month, or… Read more

Nexus 10 Sales Haven’t Been Very Strong, According To Estimate

The Nexus 10, a high end tablet manufactured by Samsung, isn’t quite cheap. It’s crazy 2560×1600 display, along with what used to be an unheard of dual core A15 processor, are really high end. It’s quite a luxury item, yet still sold for only $400. But $400 is a high price, and with it being only on the Play Store for the most part, we couldn’t imagine… Read more

LG Optimus L Series Sells 15 Million Units

LG’s Optimus L series of devices, containing the L3, L5, L7, and L9, have sold a very respectable amount of units. LG says that since launch, they sold 15 million units. This isn’t any record, but it’s a fantastic achievement for a company that’s so far behind the top two smartphone companies. Just keep in mind that Samsung sold 30 million of their… Read more

Today’s Best Play Store App Sales

As the holidays grow nearer, the sales grow larger and the developers grow kinder. Today, a bunch of new apps went on sale. Some of these apps are excellent, too. If you want to see more sales, see yesterday’s post! And don’t forget to check out AppSales for more sales in the Play Store. Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto III ($0.99) Max Payne Mobile… Read more

AppSales Turns You Into The Ultimate App Deal Hunter

Everyone loves sales. Now that it’s close to Christmas, expect the Play Store to have a lot of sales. But how do you find those sales, you might ask. Well, you can always read DroidDog! We will be posting the best deals here, so stay tuned. But you can also check out an app called AppSales. It lists the Play Store’s sales, along with a watchlist for… Read more

Tons Of Play Store Apps On Sale Today, Here’s A List

It’s that time of year again, Christmas. The time where everything goes on sale. Though we can all enjoy the beauty of the Steam Sale, it doesn’t quite apply to Android (still, that’s a heads up). Though the Play Store’s official Christmas sale hasn’t started, some developers are already putting up their own sales. We thought we’d list a few of those… Read more