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24.6 Million Tablets Sold Last Quarter, Apple Still Dominant

In a world where tablets are becoming more and more common, it’s always interesting to see the numbers that each quarter brings. This quarter there were 24.6 million tablets sold, the majority of which were the iPad. Apple shipped a total of around 17 million iPads, and Android trailed with a significant 7.3 million tablets. That brought the total… Read more

Samsung Kills It In Q2 With 52.1 Million Smartphones Shipped

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, and manufacturers have the numbers to back that up. In Q2, Samsung shipped 52.1 million smartphones. That doesn’t necessarily mean they sold all of them, but it’s still an impressive number for a single quarter. Next up is Apple, who sold 26 million phones in the same quarter. Considering Apple only… Read more

Samsung Sells Over 10 Million Galaxy S IIIs

It was to be expected that the Samsung would move massive amounts of the Galaxy S III and today those suspicions have become fact. Samsung Senior executive Shin Jong-kyun told reporters that the company has sold 10 million handsets. While specific numbers weren’t mentioned, Shin said, “It appears that it (total sales) has exceeded 10 million… Read more

Samsung Outsells Apple by Almost Double in Q2

Apple, although many of us hate to admit it, was the originator of the modern-day smartphone. Without the original iPhone, who’s to say where we would be in the mobile industry today. Perhaps someone else would have beaten them to the punch, or maybe we’d still be back on old Palm Treo’s happy as can be. Nevertheless, Apple has almost never seen much of a… Read more

Nexus 7: Out of Stock on Day 1

Today marked the first day that the masses would be able to receive their Google Nexus 7. Surprisingly, many retailers have sold out. Gamestop, Walmart and Sam’s Club are all claiming to be out of stock online. Even more shocking, Gamestop claims to have already gone through two entire shipments of the flagship tablet. The irony of the situation is… Read more

HTC To Stop All Sales in Brazil

Despite the prediction that Brazil will become a Top 5 smartphone market by 2016, HTC is expected to scrap it’s plans to bring the One series to the country.  The sales numbers have been disappointing and consequently, HTC is looking to stop sales altogether in Brazil.  When asked about HTC exiting Brazil, and HTC representative told AndroidPit that… Read more

T-Mobile and Samsung Offering $100 Mail-in-Rebate for Buying Tablet and Smartphone Together

Buying a smartphone can be pricey. Buying a tablet can be even pricier. Buying a smartphone and tablet together is downright wallet sucking. T-Mobile and Samsung want to help. Between November 30th and December 31st customers who purchase a Samsung smartphone and tablet together will receive a $100 MIR. The devices have to be purchased on the same… Read more