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ATT announces that Captivate 2.2 update will come tomorrow

Fantastic news for Galaxy S lovers locked in with Ma Bell: your Froyo update will be available via a link tomorrow. Stay tuned to AT&T’s Twitter account and Facebook page if you want to get on that download before everybody else slows the flow. Get ready for some JIT compiler speed and other optimizations, folks. This update is a biggie!… Read more

Dreamcast emulation headed to your Android

Nostalgic recreations of old video game systems–in the form of emulators and game ROMs–are quite popular on Android. NES, N64, PSX, and more classic gaming boxes have been virtually recreated for handheld Android gaming, and Sega’s old Dreamcast may be the next platform to drop on Google’s mobile OS. drk || Raziel (blog) has the Dreamcast emu nullDC… Read more

Rogers set to release the Samsung Captivate next week

Rogers’ users looking to finally get their hands on a Samsung Captivate won’t have to wait much longer. From Redboard.Rogers.com: “Hi everyone. Just an update that we’re working towards launching the Samsung Captivate next week. We’ll update you on the date the Captivate is available.” As you can see, there is no exact release date, so “next… Read more

Minor update for Samsung Captivate

Starting today, and being pushed out in batches of 15,000 until Friday, the Samsung Captivate for AT&T will be receiving a 12MB update in the form of version I897UCJH7. While the update doesn’t include an GPS, freezing, or reseting problems, it does include the following: Preinstalled software – QuickOffice for Android will allow users to edit various… Read more

Rogers employees learn the ins-and-outs of the Captivate

Cell Guru has just obtained some employee training program (Fast Track) screen-shots featuring one Android powered Samsung device that will make a lot of Rogers subscribers really happy; The Samsung Captivate. Anyone out there need a quick refresher course? The Captivate is a part of the Galaxy S series line of devices from Samsung that boast features like… Read more

PSA: Captivate a penny at Amazon

Attention all future and current AT&T customers. Are you looking to purchase/upgrade to a new device? Does the world’s finest Android, from the Galaxy S Series of devices, spark your interest? How about for one penny? Then look no further. Seriously though, if you have been looking for a great time to obtain the Captivate, why not do it for $199.98 off?… Read more

Samsung releases Captivate source code

The Galaxy S series represents a big turnaround for Samsung. After some unfortunate mistakes and less than stellar receptions of previous Androids, Samsung has found their footing and are pushing hard. Not only are the Galaxy S phones a collective powerhouse on the Android scene, Samsung in releasing source code for the devices in order to ensure they are… Read more

Samsung Captivate commercial

It’s not exactly DROID X material, but this new commercial from Samsung on the Galaxy S Captivate is just as epic. Knights and barbarians both battling for your entertainment literally in the palm of your hand… It doesn’t get any better than this. The commercial is set to start airing tonight, and of course, the Captivate is available now from AT&T for… Read more

AT&T Samsung Captivate promo video

AT&T’s new Android Darling, the Samsung Captivate (“a Galaxy S phone”), will be launching on July 18th for $200 on a new two year contract and Ma Bell’s hype machine has kicked into gear with an Internet promo video. As Quentyn from Phandroid points out, it’s a cookie cutter spot. But I’ve got to say, it has me all excited to try the phone out – in any… Read more