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Samsung Continuum Internet spot, hands on

If you think the Samsung Continuum’s (effective) dual screen layout and “ticker tape” display are a gimmicky novelty, you’re half right; it certainly does pack some gimmicky advertizing punch. But a novelty, this thing is not. The ticker tape replaces the notifications bar for some functions, like showing you a new text message; functions like a smaller… Read more

Samsung announces dual-screen Continuum [UPDATED]

A much more official version is on its way, but the announcement was made via Twitter for starters: “announcing the Samsung Continuum arriving @ Verizon 11/11. First mobile with secondary dedicated ticker display #GalaxyS” The world’s first dual-screen Android phone (the Nook e-reader was the first Android to sport dial displays) is upon us, and… Read more

Samsung Continuum shows up in Verizon holiday promo

We first saw Samsung’s dual screen Galaxy S device, the Continuum, out in the wild in late September, but not a lot has leaked in the weeks since. But today, we’ve got two great images that indicate the device is launching soon and that the specs are pretty decent. Engadget discovered a Verizon promo graphic picturing the unannounced phone (first image)… Read more

Dual screen Samsung Continuum out and about

In some great looking spy shots obtained by Engadget today, we got to take our very first look at the Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum. So what exactly sets the Continuum apart from other Samsung Galaxy S devices (which the i400 appears to be)? That would be the non-traditional secondary screen known as the “Ticker.” The Ticker is a small rectangular screen… Read more