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Samsung DROID Charge Gingerbread update rolling out now

It’s been a week since we told you that Verizon was getting ready to (finally) release the official version of Android 2.3 to the Samsung DROID Charge, and it looks like today is finally the day. At least, that’s what we’re starting to hear in our inbox and around the ‘net. It seems that a few owners out there are starting to get the new Gingerbread build… Read more

Samsung Charge photo and video samples

Samsung’s Droid Charge is a high-end Android on Verizon Wireless. The LTE capable beast is their current flagship, and goes for $569 outright or $299 on contract. Other retailers, like Amazon, are offering the device at a discount. Any price break is a good one, and with the Charge, any break is a bargain. Though I’m not a big fan of the physical… Read more

Samsung Droid Charge set to land tomorrow, May 14th

It’s been a long road for the Samsung Droid Charge. First displayed without a name at CES, network problems have put a kink in Verizon’s plans of releasing the device way back on April 28th. Now that everything is sorted out, it looks like Saturday, May 14th, is the magic date. Just in case you need a quick refresher, the Droid Charge comes complete… Read more

Samsung Droid Charge delayed at the last minute

While the Samsung Droid Charge may not have been receiving as much press love as the first 4G-enabled device on Verizon’s network (the HTC ThunderBolt), there were probably a few people out there who were eagerly anticipating the device’s launch today. But, that’s not happening. Late last night, an email was sent out within Verizon, stating that “unexpected… Read more

DroidLanding Online. Systems Alpha Go.

Looking to get your hands on a Samsung Droid Charge, but don’t feel like puttin’ up the money for one? Then this is your chance. Recently reactivated, and ready to put your brain to the test, Verizon’s @DroidLanding giveaway Twitter account has just opened ChargeLanding.com for business. Get ready for some serious thinking potential Droid charge… Read more

Samsung Droid Charge launch plans detailed

To say the Droid Charge has been teased quite a bit lately would be an understatement. We’ve already seen oodles of pictures, a rumored price, release date rumors… even Samsung got in on the fun by releasing the source code for the Charge ahead of any detailed launch plans. Well thanks to a press release put out by Samsung today, we now have an… Read more

Video: Samsung Droid Charge in the wild

It looks like the folks from Techno Buffalo have done it again. Not more than three days ago, the site was responsible from some great quality Droid X2 footage, and now they’ve secured a little face time with the upcoming Samsung Droid Charge. Essentially an enlarged Galaxy S with LTE on board, the Droid Charge is expected to launch around the 28th of… Read more