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Samsung Prime announcement rumored for October

As far as rumors go, the ones for the Nexus Prime seem pretty quiet. Relatively. While talk of other handsets is obviously still around, the next generation Android device, which is said to be the first handset to feature Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, is starting to take up plenty of the center stage. And with this latest rumor, which comes from a… Read more

HTC Vigor to be branded as ThunderBolt 2, Samsung Prime replacing the DROID Charge

So at the tail-end of last night, a piece of paper began to make its way around the Internet. Now, that in itself isn’t all that news worthy, but what this paper had on it is. As the story goes, a Best Buy employee somewhere out there was handed a piece of paper by a Verizon representative. On it, there were a bunch of phones listed, with arrows in between… Read more

Samsung DROID Prime reportedly passes through Bluetooth SIG, showcases CDMA and North American destination

Ready to play a game of connect-the-dots? Sure you are, especially when it has to do with the Samsung DROID Prime, right? Right. According to the Bluetooth SIG, everything looks to be good-to-go for the next Nexus device from Samsung. The certificate it gained on its way through the agency shows that the handset will indeed run on a CDMA-based network, and… Read more