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Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint set to receive another update

Back at the end of January, the Epic 4G Touch by Samsung received a software update that included plenty of minor tweaks and security enhancements. While it wasn’t a major update, an update is an update. And now it looks like the device is set to receive another one. Posted in the Sprint community forums on March 23rd, this particular update is meant to fix… Read more

All Sprint 4G phones on sale for only $0.01 at Amazon Wireless with new contract, Galaxy S II for AT&T only $50

Sprint has been struggling as of late, rarely releasing new devices due to its upcoming LTE network. It still has that WiMax network up and running, but its days are limited. While WiMax may be old news, Amazon Wireless is now offering up a great deal for anyone who would be willing to fork over two wireless years in exchange for a near-free phone. All 4G… Read more

Sprint Epic 4G Touch gets blurry cam love in the wild

Looks like someone out there has a Sprint Epic 4G Touch and they saw fit to show it off. Like all such pictures, its a little hard to see, but the what phone it is can easily be seen. We reported that the phone will be released for Sprint and it will be available this Sunday for $199 bones at your local Sprint retailer. via Android… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G Touch in white coming to Sprint January 8

Many variants of the popular Galaxy S II line feature both a black and a white color option, but Sprint’s Epic 4G Touch has been missing this. All this looks like it will be changing come January 8, as a new leaked document shows that Sprint will be adding the white phone to its lineup. The phone will not be an exclusive, and will be available at all Sprint… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for Sprint being bundled with a Blu-ray player in Best Buy deal

With the holiday season about to kick off, there’s no doubt that retailers all over the place are going to begin focusing on the best deals they can, and there’s no surprise that some of the most powerful smartphones out there will be included in those said deals. For example, a brand new deal from Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for… Read more