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Samsung Epic 4G receives official CyanogenMod support

Today is a good day for many Samsung Epic 4G owners, as it is finally receiving official support for the popular CyanogenMod ROM. Some things to note are the fact that Wi-Fi hotspot currently isn’t working, and not all third-party apps will work. There may also be a few minor bugs here and there, but nothing too bad. If you’re interested in flashing the ROM… Read more

8 Android phones exhibit security flaws in pre-installed apps

Researchers at North Carolina State released a study recently wherein they evaluated the security configurations of popular Android devices from Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. The study revealed that the manufacturers did not properly implement Google’s native security protocols. This lapse in secure implementation has led to phones not properly protecting… Read more

New Gingerbread leak for the Epic 4G gets stable

When the first Gingerbread leak for the Samsung Epic 4G reared its ugly head, there was a terrible initial reaction. Not only did 4G data not work, but there was GPS, temperature, and charging issues with the ROM to say the least. Now, there’s a now ROM in town. Gingerbread build number EE03 has just made its way online, and things are already going… Read more

Sprint’s Galaxy tab and Epic 4G updated with Sprint ID — will also include Android 2.2

In yet another press release available now (to go along with the announcement of the Nexus S 4G), Sprint and Samsung have announced that they will be bringing Sprint ID to the Galaxy Tab and Epic 4G in the form of an OTA update. In case you aren’t familiar with Sprint ID, the software “quickly customizes device with apps, widgets, ringtones and more… Read more

Sprint working to release Froyo for the Epic “ASAP”

Now that T-Mobile has announced they’d finally be pushing Froyo out to Vibrants everywhere tomorrow, the other carriers representing Galaxy S devices are going to start feeling the pressure. Sprint has gone so far as to already make an announcement over Twitter saying that they are “working to release Froyo for Epic ASAP, but only after it meets rigorous… Read more

Epic 4G set to receive post Christmas update to Froyo

Well Epic owners, this has been a long time coming. Your journey isn’t over quite yet, but if some leaked screen shots of an internal memo obtained by Phone Arena are correct, December 26th is the day you should start seeing your official update to Froyo. If everything goes according to plan, build DL11 will start rolling out in phases on the 26th, and… Read more

Game Gripper for Epic 4G coming soon

Does anybody remember that “Epic gaming hack” from about a month back? Where some guy tore apart his Epic’s keyboard to make it more video game friendly? He’s gonna feel really… disappointed… after he reads this. Game Gripper, creator of the clip-on vidya controller keyboard accessory, is putting a Samsung Epic model into production now. The Game… Read more