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Sprint Smasung Epic Mini Movie Contest finalists

Sprint is offering up $25,000 to the winner of their Epic Mini Movie Contest (YouTube contest page, official rules), as chosen by Michael Bay, and here we have the top 10; the finalists. It’s not surprizing that a contest like this would draw out some great film makers, but the results are impressive nonetheless. It’s all about the epic experience of… Read more

[PhoneDog] Dogfight! Epic VS G2

You may have seen a ton of coverage on both these devices from our very own John Walton here at DroidDog, but you still can’t say no to a good ol’ fashion Dogfight. Aaron from Phonedog has two of the best QWERTY packin’ Androids around and is pitting them together to see who reigns supreme. It’s the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G VS T-Mobile HTC G2 with… Read more

Epic gaming hack: Who needs keys when you’ve got Swype?

My recent time with T-Mobile’s G2 taught me that I’ve become wholly reliant upon software QWERTYs. With Swype on hand, I just can’t find a convincing reason to use a slide-out, though I’m still open to finding my hardware keyboard soulmate. I’m not the only one who feels so strongly about Swype, and Cary Golomb from BrainLazy is in the same boat with his… Read more

Sprint’s Epic 4G and EVO 4G are both $100 at Amazon

If you’re not currently beholden to Sprint but are attracted to Androids rocking WiMAX connections, now might be a good time to take the plunge. Amazon has both devices available for $99.99 on a new contract. The catch is that you must be a new Sprint customer; extensions aren’t part of the deal. And, not to pressure you, but if you purchase by the end of… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) OTA update and Media Hub first run

I was anxiously awaiting an update for my Samsung Epic 4G last Thursday–the OTA that would give me access to Sammy’s new Media Hub app/service, which they officially unveiled that night. A file popped up on xda-developers for those that wanted to upgrade manually, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson about jumping that gun and I also like to know when the… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G unboxing and hands on

In light of Samsung’s NYC presser and introduction of Media Hub, I thought this was a good time for me get back into the Galaxy S series and take the new Media Hub entertainment app/database/delivery system for a spin. But before I can do that, I need to get a feel for the phone I’m going to test it on, Sprint’s Epic 4G. This is Sprint’s second 4G device… Read more

ClockworkMod Recovery running on Epic 4G

Owners of Sprint’s QWERTY-packin’ 4G beast, Samsung’s Epic 4G, and fans of Android hacking/modding already know that the device has been rooted for a couple of weeks. But root doesn’t offer up a lot of options for the serious tweaker without a custom recovery image, which helps us to flash cooked ROMs and make and restore Nandroid backups. Thankfully, one… Read more

PSA: Sprint stores open at 8am tomorrow

This is it Sprint users. Your time to shine has finally arrived. Starting tomorrow at 8 AM, Sprint stores will be opening early to bring you their second ever 4G enabled Android handset: The Samsung Epic 4G. The Samsung Epic 4G comes complete with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 4 inch Super AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording,… Read more

ADB root exploit EPICly strikes again

We have seen this new ADB root exploit method of rooting used on a ton of Android devices, old and new: The Backflip, Cliq XT, DROID 2, EVO 4G… and you can add the Samsung Epic 4G to the list now as well. One of the users at SDX Developers, the HAXSung developer group, has confirmed that the method works just fine to obtain root on the Epic…. Read more

Samsung Epic 4G; $199 Amazon pre-order now

If you still haven’t taken a second to pre-order your very own Samsung Epic 4G, this may be the chance to do it. While Sprint is going to be offering the device for $249 on a 2 year contract, Amazon is 1-uping them by offering it for $199. The on contract price and off contract price may seem a little steep, but for what will arguably be the best… Read more