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Epic 4G manual leaked

If you are an Android fan and just gotta have a hardware keyboard, the super phone landscape is about to get a bit brighter for you. WIth HTC’s G2 coming to T-Mobile and Samsung’s Epic 4G headed for Sprint (both 4G devices), your justified complaints about a limited viable product selection are coming to an end. I’m curious how many of you are willing, by… Read more

Samsung Epic 4G commercial

You know, I must admit, Samsung is really stepping their advertising game up with their new “palm of your hand” campaign. Of course it’s not quite up to DROID standards yet, but it’s getting there. This new Epic 4G commercial shows a blatant Master Chief ripoff battling robot-creature-spaceship type things all on that gorgeous SAMOLED screen in the palm of… Read more

Sprint Premier customers can reserve the Epic 4G now

Hey all you Sprint customers out there, been looking for a reason to join Sprint Premier? If being able to pre-order the limited quantity Samsung Epic 4G before anyone else doesn’t do it, what will? Sprint Premier customers are getting e-mails sent out to them right now that look a little something like this: Things we now know for 100% sure:… Read more

Samsung Epic to launch August 11th? Dunno.

Oh it’s time to play that game again. Is this device gonna launch this day? You have proof? You had proof? Of course, you should take this with your normal recommended daily rumor-salt allotment, but it looks pretty legit. Android Central has their hands on a leaked Sprint play-book that says the 11th of this month is going to mark the release of the… Read more

Sprint expands 4G and launches a site for the Epic

It was just announced today, that Sprint will be activating their 4G network in 3 new cities covering 3 different states. They will also be making the change in 2 more cities that will add to the expansion of their network in California. Sprint may have been the subject of ridicule lately when it comes to 4G coverage, but hey, at least they’re trying…. Read more

Samsung Epic 4G to release August 20th?

This is all very unofficial and rumor-like, but there is some validity to the story. Android Police has devoted some detective work to the release of the Epic 4G that leads you to believe the device will be released sometime around August 20th (and Samsung kinda agrees, more on that in a minute). Here’s the story. Samsung has a site dedicated to tutorial… Read more