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Samsung Fascinate finally gets Gingerbread

All the buzz may be about phones getting updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, but there are still devices that need to get updated to Gingerbread. For owners of the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon Wireless, today is finally the day you get to call the update your own. If you haven’t been notified already, head over to the check for OTA screen and click away. Once… Read more

Best Buy Mobile marks August 17 as Free Phone Wednesday

Best Buy is at it again, giving some customers the opportunity to pick up a high-end Android-powered device for no cost. As usual, if you’re a new customer or a qualified upgrading customer, you’ll be able to pick up a select device on a particular carrier free of charge. It’s an event that Best Buy has done in the past, and it obviously worked well enough… Read more

Samsung Fascinate finally updated to Froyo, Android 2.2

It may have taken several months for this moment to finally come, but shake that disbelief Fascinate users, because you’re about to be running Android 2.2. Announced and detailed today by Verizon, the Samsung Fascinate’s update to Froyo will begin rolling out to handsets starting tomorrow. According to official release notes, software version… Read more

Nexus S and Samsung Fascinate 4G coming to Telus

Telus users, get ready for some exciting Android action coming your way. Announced today, Telus will be carrying both the Nexus S and the Samsung Fascinate 4G this spring. The Nexus S won’t be exclusive to Telus is Canada, but it looks like the Fascinate 4G will. As far as specs on the two devices go, the familiar 1GHz processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED… Read more

Samsung Fascinate lands official Froyo leak

Any Samsung Fascinate users out there still looking for that elusive Froyo update? If you’re into hacking and modding, then your wait is finally over. XDA member punk.kaos, along with the help of Adrynalyne, has packaged up the official Froyo ROM for the Fascinate from Verizon and Samsung into a convenient flashable .zip file. The leaked ROM, known… Read more

Samsung Fascinate lands software update

The Samsung Fascinate (review) has a new 2.1 based software update ready to go, and (surprise surprise) it’s already been leaked online, waiting for eager modders to get their flash on. DL09, as it’s being lovingly referred to, features several new enhancements and improvements: Enhancements: + Updated versions of preloaded applications, including V… Read more

Canadian Samsung Vibrant/Fascinate updated to Froyo

I would love to say for sure that this isn’t a false alarm, but until you have your device updated and working well, you know the drill. According to Engadget and Samsung Canada’s Android 2.2 hub, Canadian Vibrants and Fascinates are both ready for their second helping of Froyo. Once upon a time, the update was pushed out once, only to have it pulled by… Read more

Samsung Fascinate gets bug-fixing update from Verizon

Besides the big Froyo upgrade for the DROID X, Verizon is also rolling out a minor update for the Samsung Fascinate, its variant of the Galaxy S. In its release support flyer (link: PDF) Verizon says the update improves Visual Voicemail notifications, email syncing, searching while in a call, faster switching between 3G and 1x, and more. No word… Read more

Fascinate rooted; No more Bing

You knew this was coming right? After the advancements in Android device rooting we’ve seen as of late, it should come as no surprise that it only takes a day after a device is launched too. The guys over a SDX and their ADB root exploit strike again, this time with the Samsung Fascinate. For instructions and download info, check out the SDX forum thread… Read more