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Samsung’s Fascinate online tomorrow, in stores on 9th

OK, so it’s really not that much of a surprize at this point, but confirmation is nice and Samsung has officially announced the availability date of September 9th for their Galaxy S Verizon device, Fascinate. The phone will be up for order online tomorrow (Wednesday) and will turn up in stores the following day. Samsung sent out press notifications this… Read more

Breon’s Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S [Verizon] written review


…finally, the Samsung Fascinate. A few months ago, Samsung held a big press event for the Galaxy S series of phones.  Three, of the “Big 4″,  carriers had already announced their Galaxy S plans.  Sprint was going to rock out with the 4G capable, slider QWERTY Epic 4G, TMo had already announced the Vibrant, and AT&T was sporting the Captivate…. Read more

Samsung Fascinate 9/9 release confirmed

It’s kind of odd that we have known the price ($199) and release date for the Fascinate for some time now, yet Verizon and Samsung are still quiet on the subject. Well they still aren’t saying much, but at least their commercials are. The original Fascinate commercial contained a graphic at the end that simply said “coming soon to Verizon.” That same exact… Read more

Verizon Fascinate to be $199, plus BOGO

Not only does the image below support the 9/9 launch date for Verizon’s flavor of the Samsung Galaxy S, Fascinate, but it indicates that the device will run $199 on contract and will be part of a buy-one-get-one/any promotion. Under the promo details are the specs of the device, which line up with the rest of the Galaxy S series. I’d like to know how… Read more

Fascinate in the wild

One day after Bing was announced for Verizon Androids, and around the same time that the complete Samsung Fascinate manual was leaked, several photos of VZW’s own Galaxy S surfaced, running Bing. An anonymous tipster hit BGR with the following snaps, and the site is still pressing him or her for details on device specs, specifically, the amount of RAM,… Read more

Fascinate up for pre-order now from Best Buy

For those of you who have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Fascinate, you’re one step closer. Starting today Reward Zone members can pre-order the Fascinate from Best Buy, and non Reward Zone members will be eligible on Sunday, the 29th. Everything seems to line up just fine for that September 9th launch; Warehouse stock, internal leaks… Read more

Verizon’s Fascinate coming September 9th

Thanks to what appears to be a shot of a Verizon internal system over at Android Central, we know that Samsung’s Galaxy S line – at least as far as phones are concerned – will be on the streets in full force, with a different flavor of the device on each of the four major networks. Of course T-Mobile has had the Vibrant for some time, and Captivate has been… Read more

Verizon Fascinate launch appears imminent

While the rest of the world may be drooling over the already released versions of the Samsung Galaxy S series devices, Verizon and Sprint users have been left in the cold. Well, not really the cold… I mean they do have alternatives, but you know what I’m talking about; We have yet to see the launch of the Samsung Epic 4G or the Fascinate. As of today, we… Read more

Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate to come all Binged out

We all knew the Samsung Galaxy S was going to hit all the major carriers in the US. We even know it was going to hit US Cellular. Now that these Galaxy S phones are getting official, we get to learn what is special to each carrier’s version. Verizon’s, for example, will come with Bing search and Bing nav. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this yet, but… Read more