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New CyanogenMod 10 M2 Build Released

Over on the CyangoenMod site, the CM10 team revealed that their latest “M” - milestone or monthly – build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been released. As previously reported, the “M” builds of the popular CyanongenMod 10 firmware are to be the definitive stable versions of CM10. The “M” builds are described as “ready to use as your daily driver” when… Read more

It’s Official – 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Is Live For Verizon Galaxy Nexus Devices – Build JRO03O

It is official – Verizon Galaxy Nexus devices are being updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as of this writing. Originally earlier today, numberous sources on the web were claiming to have received the update. Additional research found that in fact the update was live and is labeled as build JRO03O. As some may recall, that same build had shown up as a… Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receiving OTA Update To Address Lingering Signal Issues – Users Rejoice

It was reported a few weeks back, that a number of Verizon customers that have replacement Galaxy Nexus devices were experiencing significant signal issues. Unfortunately if you were one of these people to have this major issue, you were seeing you were unable to hold a 4G connection for more than a few minutes before it would drop. Users of the… Read more

Jelly Bean Rolling Out to Canadian Galaxy Nexus Phones

Reports are confirming that Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones on all major Canadian providers.  While you should be notified when the update is ready for you to download, you can also check manually.  To do so:  Go to settings, scroll to “About Phone”, and then tap “Software Updates” to check.  The OTA will only… Read more

ClockworkMod Recovery v6 Release Build For Galaxy Nexus

A few days ago I wrote a story about Koush teasing us about some new ClockworkMod Recovery v6 features with no reported release date.  Now, the new ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) v6.0.0.4 has been released the the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and is being touted as the release build.  Koush posted on his Google+ about this release and along with other updates on… Read more

Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ Back in Stock at Google Play Store

In the wake of the patent war with Apple, the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ disappeared from the Google Play store to comply with the preliminary injunction filed against them.  After a temporary stay of the ban, the Nexus appeared back with a wait time of 1-2 weeks to ship.  As of tonight, the Nexus is fully stocked and ready to ship with delivery options from… Read more