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Angry Birds Space exclusive Samsung content outlined

While Angry Birds Space was officially announced yesterday, today at South by Southwest Samsung is busy showcasing the new mobile game on their recently launched (here in the States) Galaxy Note. At the same time, they’re talking up a storm about the exclusive content that Samsung has managed to wrangle in for the upcoming game’s launch. The new title… Read more

Would a 13-inch Android tablet succeed in today’s market?

Earlier this evening we reported that Toshiba was showing off a new concept device, featuring a large 13.3-inch display. Android was said to be the operating system on board, with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor running the show. Granted, this tablet may never see the light of day, and it’s only a concept device. Something leads me believe that we may see… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T can be had for only $249 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been a bit of an oddball in the mobile world, featuring a large form factor that is incredibly popular. That big of a phone doesn’t come cheap, and AT&T currently sells it for $299 on contract. There are better deals to be had though, and Amazon is offering the best. With a new two-year contract, the phablet is only $249 from… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T now on sale

It has been a long time coming. In standard Samsung tradition, the manufacturer managed to bring in plenty of awareness for their huge 5.3-inch device with an international launch long before they ever even announced a launch here in the States. But after plenty of waiting, and wondering, the Galaxy Note by Samsung is finally here courtesy of AT&T. The… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note now available in Canada

In January, screenshots revealed that the Galaxy Note by Samsung would be launched in Canada by mid-February. Those initial reports have now been confirmed, as the Galaxy Note is available for purchase in the Great North starting today. The large phone/tablet hybrid device may make the perfect Valentine’s Day present for someone, but we imagine it would be… Read more

LG Optimus Vu leaked in new photos

There have been rumors about a competitor to the Galaxy Note, a phone called the Optimus Vu made by LG. We can finally put a device to the name, as photos of the supposed phablet have now surfaced. It is said to feature a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 768, 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, 8MP camera and 1GB of RAM. It’s expected to be released by LG… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note in pink set to arrive in March

It looks like the white version of the Galaxy Note by Samsung won’t be the only light-colored version to make it to the market. Thanks to an image sent in to GSMArena, it looks like Samsung is preparing to launch a pink-hued version of the huge phone as well. It isn’t surprising, considering the color variations that we’ve seen the manufacturer launch in… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note will walk the runway with Rag & Bone

While the Samsung Galaxy Note saw plenty of the attention given to it with the Super Bowl ad that either shocked or annoyed you, Samsung isn’t done bringing the spotlight down on the impending US launch of the device. Samsung has reportedly teamed up with fashion brand Rag & Bone to bring just a bit more attention to the Galaxy Note, and what better way to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for Rogers sees training begin

For Rogers employees, the excitement about the Samsung Galaxy Note must be staggering. The anticipation can’t be helping, either, considering we are only a week away from seeing the device’s launch in the Great North. And what may make it easier to wait, but all that much harder at the same time, is the brand new training that has kicked off for the… Read more