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5 Samsung Galaxy Notes being given away by Samsung Canada

Samsung Canada is trying to build up hype for the launch of the Galaxy Note, and are doing so by giving away 5 of the handsets. To enter you must fill out a simple sign-up sheet. The contest will run until February 13th at 6:00 pm, just a day before the phablet makes its Canadian launch. Hit the Samsung source link now to enter the contest, then be sure to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note with LTE reaches 700,000 units sold to channels and distributors

Samsung has been reaching plenty of milestones lately, it seems. And while there are people who might say that the Galaxy Note LTE by Samsung is too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet, there’s no denying that the handset is continuing to make a huge impact on the market. According to a new report, Samsung has confirmed that they have sold… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T gets source code released

One of AT&T’s most anticipated phones this winter season has no doubt been the Galaxy Note, which is due to be released on the 19th of February. The phone will probably receive tons of developer support, and now Samsung is chipping in. They have just released the source code, and it holds a few mysteries. There are three different versions, all with only… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T launching February 19

With the arrival of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, there also came the announcement of the Galaxy Note by Samsung launching for a US-based carrier finally. AT&T has first crack at the huge device, and after plenty of speculation the Big Blue wireless carrier has decided to unveil not only the official launch date, but also the final… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for Bell listed as coming soon

The Galaxy Note is making its presence around the world known with its huge display, but while we’re still waiting for the handset to launch on a carrier here in the States, it looks like Canadian wireless carrier Bell is getting ready to release the device on their own network here shortly. Bell has officially listed the Galaxy Note as “coming soon,” but… Read more