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Samsung Galaxy Note hits the FCC, carries AT&T LTE bands

When a phone hits the FCC, it usually means that it isn’t too long before it is released. One of the most anticipated phones at CES this year was no doubt Samsung’s giant phablet, the Galaxy Note. Included in the certification was GSM/EDGE 850/1900 compatibility along with WCDMA bands II and IV. This means that it is ready for AT&T’s fresh LTE network, and… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note in white landing exclusively at John Lewis on January 23

After initially seeing the white-washed version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, people have been eagerly awaiting its launch. Thanks to Samsung today, we’ve finally got word as to when and where the device will be landing. For those of you who just can’t stand waiting any longer, we’re sorry but you’re going to have to keep waiting a bit longer. But, according… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note hitting Canadian shores in mid-February

The Samsung Galaxy Note has been getting a lot of press lately. During CES it became clear that the handset would be starting a world tour starting in the UK and then making its way through North America. Well, today we have good news for our neighbors up north. Looks like the 5.3-inch phoneblet will be hitting Canada in mid-February. According to Samsung… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note to come to Sprint and Verizon

It looks like Samsung’s wunderkind the Galaxy Note is about to make some big waves in North America. We saw the Galaxy Note in several renders that teased US carrier logos in addition to seeing the product at CES 2012. Well, it looks like we have some more news for you today and it’s all good. Seems like industry analyst Paul Mueller has gotten word that… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for TELUS officially announced

Now that we know the Samsung Galaxy Note is headed to AT&T here in the States sometime this year, we figured there would be other carriers who would want to get in on the goodness sooner or later. Sure enough, TELUS has officially announced that not only will they be launching LTE connectivity in the first quarter of this year, but that the Galaxy Note will… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T hands-on at CES 2012

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was a pretty big success for Samsung, even despite how big the display is. People here in the States have been clamoring to get the device sold locally, and yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung and AT&T officially announced the device would be landing this year. It will be connected to AT&T’s 4G… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note coming soon to Telus

Samsung and AT&T have just let us know that the Galaxy Note will be coming to AT&T soon, but our friends to the North are going to get in on the tablet-phone fun too. Telus has just sent out an email stating that they will be offering the Galaxy Note on their HSPA+ network later in this quarter, which is looking to be sometime in February. Not much else is… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T finally official

That didn’t take long. After a few leaks and plenty of rumors, AT&T has finally officially unveiled the huge phone/tablet mash-up, the Galaxy Note by Samsung. It is indeed launching this year for AT&T’s LTE network, bringing that 5.3-inch touchscreen display to market here in the States. And, yes, it is an exclusive device. Features wise, you’re looking… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T confirmed by poster at CES 2012

For those walking around Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it’s quite easy to spot an unannounced device from time to time, thanks to the huge posters, or even the small ones, that litter the City of Sin’s layout during the convention’s time in the area. It’s a great and easy way to get a confirmation regarding a device’s upcoming… Read more