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Samsung Galaxy Note launching in the UK on November 17

While there are some fears that the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note won’t be making its way to the United States, those in the United Kingdom don’t have to fret. Samsung has just announced that they will be launching the large smartphone-like-tablet-device in just a little over a month. As a refresher for all of those of you out there aching to get their… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note passes through the FCC, showcases AT&T radios

Right after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note, the huge 5-inch beast of a smartphone/tablet/thing, there were several reports that Samsung actually had “no plans” to bring the device (plus one other), to the United States. Now, as we mentioned in that previous report, that isn’t the first time Samsung has said something to that effect, before officially… Read more

Samsung rep says there are “no plans” to bring Galaxy Tab 7.7 or Galaxy Note to the United States

Ready for some potentially bad news, that will more than likely spread like wildfire? Good. Because, according to a Samsung representative, it looks like the manufacturer has decided that the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note will not be making their way to US shores. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the brand new TouchWiz-infused… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note showcased at IFA

Samsung had plenty to announce at this year’s IFA over in Berlin, so it’s no surprise that, coupled with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the company is taking plenty of the attention. Along with the 7.7-inch tablet device, the manufacturer has also unveiled a brand new smartphone, called the Galaxy Note. Then again, with how big this smartphone is, many people… Read more