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Evidence Of Rampant CM10 Development

It has only been 11 days since CyanogenMod announced that devices with CM9 support are likely to be supported with CM10.  From CyanogenMod’s Google+, “Our goal is to release a stable CM 9.0.0 (and any needed .1’s). After that, we will work on CM7 and CM10 only. As stated above, CM9 devices are highly likely to get CM10, so maintaining a separate class of… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket for AT&T see early leak of Ice Cream Sandwich

Owners of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S II Skyrocket, both by Samsung, know that they will be receiving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at some point this year. Not only does the hardware in each device support that, but AT&T has also confirmed that the software update is indeed coming down the pipe for each handset. But for those of you out there who don’t… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket receiving maintenance update, not going so well

Samsung and AT&T have just began to roll out an update to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and it sounds like the update isn’t going very smoothly. It has failed for some users, so owners of the Skyrocket beware. While the update doesn’t bring Ice Cream Sandwich, it does appear to be a minor 21MB maintenance update. No change-log is currently available, but we’ll… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket on AT&T now only $99 from Amazon

AT&T has been going strong with the Galaxy S II devices lately, with both the regular S II and S II Skyrocket currently available. The Skyrocket has a rather high $249 price tag through AT&T, but Amazon’s wireless store is looking to change that. With a new two-year contract, the phone can now be had for only $99. That’s an amazing price for a high-end… Read more