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Samsung Galaxy S II in pink heading to Sweden

Now that we know the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile is launching here in the States, seeing a pink version of the device finding shelter in other countries shouldn’t be all that surprising. Of course, Samsung has been known to like their colorful phones, so hopefully seeing a pink version of one of the most popular devices in the world seems fitting. If… Read more

New Samsung commercial goes after the iPhone 4S and Apple fans

Calling all Android fans!  Samsung’s new commercial advertising the Samsung Galaxy S II (and the soon to be released white Galaxy S II for T-Mobile) has shown up on YouTube poking fun at Apple’s die-hard costumers.  This will likely be the commercial that you Android faithful will show your iPhone 4S friends. The commercial speaks for itself, so go ahead… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for Sprint being bundled with a Blu-ray player in Best Buy deal

With the holiday season about to kick off, there’s no doubt that retailers all over the place are going to begin focusing on the best deals they can, and there’s no surprise that some of the most powerful smartphones out there will be included in those said deals. For example, a brand new deal from Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch for… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile pre-orders go live, should land in stores on October 12

Right on schedule. T-Mobile USA has pulled the curtain off the pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy S II, just as they said they would, allowing for all of the Magenta subscribers out there to get their pre-sale on for the high-end device. If you’re eager to get your hands on the device, and don’t want to risk not being able to get it at launch, head on… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile begins landing in stores

Were you thinking that the Samsung Galaxy S II would be late for its big debut on T-Mobile USA? Well, after you get a peek at the image above, let’s hope that fear gets put to the side, shall we? After all, with this (still growing) stack of phones just waiting to be bought, how could we be worried? According to the tipster, the phones are landing in… Read more