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Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile details confirmed by T-Mobile

While the Galaxy S II isn’t a secret by any means (it was announced a few weeks ago by Samsung themselves), there were a few key elements of the device’s future release that were still up in the air. Specifically, the device’s processor was still something worth talking about (considering Samsung and T-Mobile were being coy about it), as well as a few other… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T launching October 2 for $199.99

Samsung officially announced the release of their Galaxy S II line-up here in the States not too long ago, and while it was great to finally see the phones in their official capacity, there was still some information missing out of the announcement. Specifically, when some devices would actually be launching. AT&T’s official Twitter account has cleared the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE launching for Rogers on September 28

So while the US-based carriers are still waiting to get their airwaves harassed by the Samsung Galaxy S II, it looks like Rogers up in Canada is gearing up for a release of its own. But, they’re probably a bit more excited, considering the wireless carrier has something to be proud of: they will be the first carrier to launch an LTE-enabled smartphone. And… Read more

Samsung foregoes the Exynos processor in the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II, Snapdragon rumored to be the replacement

When Samsung took time out of their busy schedule to unveil the trio of Samsung Galaxy S II-branded devices that would be making their way to the United States later this year, there was plenty of head scratching at the fact that the T-Mobile version of the device was tucked away in a glass case, unable to be played with by all of those who had made it to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II officially announced for AT&T and T-Mobile, Epic 4G Touch for Sprint

The time has finally come. Samsung has made it official, all of the rumors and speculation, and waiting. But, here soon, the Samsung Galaxy S II will officially be landing in the United States tied to their respective carriers. As we already knew, Verizon isn’t included in the bunch. But, if you’re on AT&T or T-Mobile, then you’ll be getting a device that’s… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch specs leak ahead of launch

So, we’ve already seen what the press images for the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for Sprint will look like, but that doesn’t mean you probably don’t want to see them again. As we probably should have guessed would happen, one of the three Galaxy S II variants for the US has slipped into the wild a little ahead of schedule, and it just so happens to be the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE announced, to be showcased at IFA

Looks like rumors that Samsung would be upgrading their Samsung Galaxy S II device again weren’t mistaken. The manufacturer has just announced that they will be adding LTE to not only the Galaxy S II, but also the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. While the company is keeping the “shock-and-awe” moment for IFA, they were still nice enough to release plenty of… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t coming to Verizon

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for Verizon Wireless, then your wait is over. Unfortunately, it isn’t good news. Verizon has confirmed with The Wall Street Journal that they will not be launching the Galaxy S II for their network. While Samsung is still set to unveil the Galaxy S II variants for the US… Read more