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Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin hints at a new device

Thanks to the Internet, there’s already plenty of speculation running around as to what, exactly, Samsung will be showcasing at this year’s IFA Conference in Berlin this year. The accompanying video with the announcement image shows folks walking around with glowing devices in their hands. Some moments indicate that the device could be a new, small tablet… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II slated to hit Verizon in July [Update]

Update: This is my next is reporting that the original statement was supposed to say that the LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the device coming out in July. Great news, but those of you who are waiting for the Galaxy S II will have to wait a little longer. Of all the Android devices coming out in the US in the next six months (that we know about),… Read more

Samsung proves they do care about the hacking community, hands out Galaxy S II to CyanogenMod dev

After the amount of noise that was made by Motorola and HTC users about locked bootloaders, Samsung actually listened. They listened so well, in fact, that they have given a CyanogenMod developer a Galaxy S II to begin working on getting the ever popular ROM onto the device. This kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday, but it’s starting to become… Read more

Why I want the Samsung Galaxy S II: SAMOLED showdown

Everyone has a set of guidelines that they follow, be it consciously or subconsciously, whenever they are looking for a new phone. Whether you’re taking a microscope to the screen, or just looking for something trendy, the rules are there. Personally, I’m more of the former. Perhaps I’ve somehow trained myself by writing about processors and screen… Read more

Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.5GHz

Of all the Android devices coming out any time soon, the Samsung Galaxy S II is perhaps the most anticipated. According to all the reviews made available so far, the screen is gorgeous, it feels good in your hand, and it’s the fastest Android handset money can possibly buy. So what do you think hackers and modders want to do once they finally get their… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II source code released

In recent months, Samsung has really tried to prove themselves as a customer-conscious company. They’ve been working hard to roll out updates in a timely manner (something they’re not doing to great with), and making sure to get the source code for new devices released as soon as possible (something they’re doing great with). In keeping up with one of… Read more