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Early Samsung Galaxy S II benchmarks bring the heat

While it may be true that benchmark scores don’t necessarily reflect how any device will function in real-world activities, they do show what kind of raw power a phone is working with. Just take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S II’s recent benchmarks; that TouchWiz overlay might have a tendency to slow things down a bit, but there’s no denying the device is a… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II hits the UK on May 1st

Delay? What delay? Originally rumored to be held back until at least June, Samsung has set the record straight and announced a May 1st release date for the Galaxy S II in the UK. Coming in at just 8.49mm thick, and weighing only 116g, the Galaxy S II will hit the UK with a bumped up 1.2GHz processor, Android 2.3, an 8MP camera, and the world’s first… Read more

Galaxy S II release date adjustment

There’s some good news and bad news surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S II circulating today. According to a tweet from @Samsung_Mobiles, Samsung’s next super phone “won’t be launched before June.” No specific reason for the delay has been released, but there’s a good chance it has to do with final tweaks that would push the Galaxy S II to the top of… Read more

Video: Galaxy S II prototype put through the paces

Looking to catch a glimpse of what Samsung has in store with their follow-up to the wildly popular Galaxy S? Look no further. Ukrainian site Gagadget has their hands on a fully functioning Samsung Galaxy S II, and they’ve got plenty of coverage to prove it. Along with the 11 minute video of the device you’ll find below, there’s pictures, screen-shots,… Read more