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Best Buy Offering Samsung Galaxy S III For $49, One Day Sale

If you’ve waited for someone to drop the Samsung Galaxy S III to a “must-have” price, look no further than Best Buy and their one-day only sale. The retailer is dropping the Galaxy S III price tag to $49.99 for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon 16GB sizes with a new two-year contract. The price is good for new and existing qualifying upgrade customers so… Read more

Deals: Best Buy Holding 24 Hour Galaxy S III Sale, Just $99

There are deals and then there are deals you shouldn’t pass up and this special offer from Best Buy falls into the latter group. For 24 hours only, Best Buy is holding a special sale on the Galaxy S III good for new lines and qualifying upgrades for just $99. Best Buy only has 16GB units available, but that doesn’t make this any less of an attractive… Read more

MetroPCS Announces The Galaxy S III, Coming In October

With the Samsung Galaxy S III launching on five carriers right from the get go, it was only a matter of time before it trickled down to local carriers given Samsung’s penchant for signing up as many carriers as possible. MetroPCS is now happy to confirm their plans to carry the Galaxy S III beginning in October of this year. The good news… Read more

XDA Developers Unlock Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3

Since the release of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3, developers at XDA have worked diligently to crack the device.  As of early this morning, their mission was accomplished.  Should you choose to unlock your phone, beware:  “once the unsecure bootloader has been flashed to a device using this method, a user will no longer be able to install official… Read more

Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III Available Today On AT&T

Samsung’s Galaxy S III made its official US debut last month, but today marks the launch of an exclusive “Garnet Red” edition on AT&T. Pre-orders began on July 15th and units are now available both in stores and online. In terms of appearance the device is identical to its blue and white counterparts, sans the red coating. As with the other… Read more