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Evidence Of Rampant CM10 Development

It has only been 11 days since CyanogenMod announced that devices with CM9 support are likely to be supported with CM10.  From CyanogenMod’s Google+, “Our goal is to release a stable CM 9.0.0 (and any needed .1’s). After that, we will work on CM7 and CM10 only. As stated above, CM9 devices are highly likely to get CM10, so maintaining a separate class of… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Arriving July 10th On Verizon

Verizon Wireless announced that its variant of the Galaxy S III will be available for sale beginning July 10th. Samsung’s flagship device will be hitting both Verizon’s website and retail stores on that day, although the 16GB model will be available in stores first, with the 32GB model hitting stores “in the coming weeks,” however it will be available… Read more