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Samsung Galaxy S III Smart Stay Copy App Needs Beta Testers

Samsung has come out with a lot of dope features with their new flagship Galaxy S III device.  However, the phone really isn’t really that much more functional than the ones we already own, it’s just got some rad baked in features like burst shot, S Voice, and smart stay are a few.  So, developers have been hard at work porting over S Voice or creating… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III To Top 10 Million Sales In July

Samsung’s JK Shin, head of its telecommunications business said on Monday he expects the Galaxy S III to surpass 10 million units sold during the month of July. Mind you, he doesn’t say “shipped,” but “sold” allowing for that number to mean how many units are actually in the hands of customers. That’s some kind of impressive considering the device has… Read more

All Three US Samsung Galaxy S III Variants Now Rooted

I hope you guys like my sorry attempt to Photoshop an image for y’all.  I’m probably never doing that again…  In other news, all three US Samsung Galaxy S III variants are now rooted.  Last night, we learned that the Sprint and T-Mobile device root methods are compatible.  Now, for the AT&T variant, a similar method was posted on XDA by… Read more

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Root Method Out!

The device has only been in the peoples hand a few days, many of you are still waiting for it, but for you Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III owners a rooting method has already been posted.  XDA member cypher_zero posted a nice write up (he does not take credit of the method btw) on how to root your device today.  Already, recognized contributor qbking77… Read more

Source Released for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has let the source code for the Sprint version of their Galaxy S III out from secrecy.  Now, the Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile source codes are all available to developers out there.  What does this mean to the average Joe?  Immediately…  nothing.  However, having the source code for a device makes developing new ROMs a much more… Read more