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Sprint Galaxy S III Available Through Web And Phone Only On June 21, Everywhere Else Next Week

It’s just a whole day of Galaxy S III delays. T-Mobile barely finished announcing that they would be delaying sales of the Galaxy S III before Sprint decided that the time was ripe for the same news. That’s right, Sprint has announced that the demand has been too great for the supply and the Samsung Galaxy S III will only be available through web and… Read more

Samsung Confirms All Canadian Galaxy S III Handsets Will Recieve 50GB In Dropbox Storage

Samsung has confirmed that all Canadian versions of the Galaxy S III will be eligible for the 50GB Dropbox promotion giving users an extra 48GB (plus the standard 2GB) of storage for two years. The company gave the following statement. “New GS III users will receive a basic 2GB of free space with Dropbox (It is permanent). When they create their own… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Receives ClockworkMod Recovery Port

It’s been a huge day for the Samsung Galaxy S III.  With all five major US carriers announcing the release dates of the new S3, you users that like to go beyond what Samsung provides have even more to look forward to.  XDA Recognized Developer Chainfire, yes, the same guy that rooted the S3 before anyone had their hands on one, has ported ClockworkMod… Read more

T-Mobile-Bound SGH-T999 Galaxy S III Passes Through FCC

All signs are pointing toward the SGH-T999 (Galaxy S III) heading to T-Mobile as the newest piece of evidence surfaces in the form of FCC approval. The documents reveal WCDMA support for T-Mobile’s AWS band, just as we expected to see — though no sign of LTE compatibility. There’s also support for the 850 and 1900 bands indicating this device will be… Read more