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Samsung GT-i9300 reportedly photographed in the wild

Right now, it is believed that the GT-i9300 is the Galaxy S III. It is believed that is the case, because it falls in line with the model numbers of previous Galaxy S devices. The first Galaxy S was the GT-i900, while the Galaxy S II was the GT-i9100. So, with a new report from Phone Arena saying that the photo you’re looking at above is of the GT-i9300,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III now rumored to be announced in April

When a rumor gets fueled by a regional president of a company, you tend to listen. This newest addition to the rumor pile regarding the successor to the Galaxy S II by Samsung comes from Samsung’s Greater China President Kim Young-Ha, which is one of the reasons we’re bringing it to your attention. While nothing has been confirmed yet, according to this… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III render looks official, probably isn’t

At this point, Samsung could start teasing people and the result would probably be pretty entertaining. Instead, the manufacturer is keeping their lips shut, and letting the Internet take care of itself. We’ve seen renders of the Galaxy S III in the past, and plenty of them have looked almost real. Others, not so much. And while we don’t necessarily think… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III test photo reportedly found online

Samsung hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but we know that there’s a successor to the Galaxy S II coming at some point this year. But while we’re all busy waiting for Samsung to announce something, it looks like tidbits of information regarding the new device may (or may not) be making their way online. We’ve heard rumors that the handset is already… Read more

Another Galaxy S III by Samsung render finds its way online

It is a little surprising that we haven’t actually seen any definitive proof that the Galaxy S III by Samsung exists. Usually, just a short time before the rumored date(s) of an impending launch, we’d have all sorts of leaks and pictures to gaze at. Samsung is obviously working overtime to make sure that the successor to the Galaxy S II stays under wraps… Read more