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Samsung Galaxy S III won’t be making March 22 debut

Consider this one a bit of bad news, especially if you were eagerly anticipating getting your eyes filled with the newest flagship device from Samsung. According to a new report from The Next Web, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S III won’t be making an appearance at the recently announced March 22nd event in France. There was plenty of speculation… Read more

Samsung releases event invite for March 22

While we sit here and continue to speculate about the next flagship device from Samsung, believed to be called the Galaxy S III, we’re still waiting for Samsung to divulge any and all information regarding the heavily rumored device. We may be getting closer to that much anticipated device if this latest event invite is any indicator of a release… Read more

Samsung confirms that the successor to the Galaxy S II won’t be announced at Mobile World Congress

While we are all expecting the next version of Samsung’s profoundly popular Galaxy S device to be called the Galaxy S III, there’s really only speculation regarding that. We fully expect it to be called that, sure, but let’s just stick with the communication that Samsung has provided, shall we? So, at least for the sake of this particular story, we’ll stick… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III may have been leaked in Samsung’s own video

Many people have been waiting patiently for Samsung to tell us something about its upcoming flagship, believed to be called the Galaxy S III. Samsung seems to have dropped the ball though, as a device that looks like it could very well be the Galaxy S III has leaked in one of its own videos. If you jump to 7:11 in the video, a device is shown. It looks very… Read more

Samsung Galaxy III may be be a 3D phone

The blogs are rife with Samsung Galaxy III rumors and here’s another one to add to your list. New rumors have surface this morning indicating that the newest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy lineup may be called the Galaxy S 3D. According to ruroms the new Galaxy S III will come with a Super AMOLED HD display but also feature cutting-edge 3D  effects. While we… Read more