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Another Samsung with LTE headed to MetroPCS?

It was just two days ago here at DroidDog when we got out first look at the upcoming Samsung SCH-R910 for MetroPCS. The R910 is rumored to be a Galaxy S device with LTE on board, ready to run on Metro’s 4G network. Well today we have another MetroPCS and Samsung related leak on what could be a slightly different Android device coming out with LTE – The… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S to receive Gingerbread after all?

At least one Samsung rep is responding to yesterday’s confusion regarding the bump of Sammy’s Galaxy S phones to Android version 2.3. It’s just a tweet, casually sent through Samsung Mobile India’s Twitter account, but it’s something: As Dustin pointed out yesterday, it only stands to reason that the already released Galaxy S devices (Vibrant,… Read more

Will the Samsung Galaxy S be updated to Gingerbread?

Unfortunately, the title of this post is not a question that is easily answered. It should be. Who is Google using to pioneer Gingerbread? Samsung. On which device? The Nexus S, which could very well be considered a part of the Galaxy S line; Same processor, screen, etc. Samsung could have just come out and said, “We know Gingerbread will work on a… Read more

Samsung Showcase available on Cellular South now

While most other carriers have been enjoying the sales of their very own Samsung Galaxy S varient for some time now, it’s finally Cellular South’s time to shine. The Showcase, available now for $199.99 on contract, is everything you’d expect a Galaxy S device to be: 1GHz processor, 4″ SAMOLED screen, 2GB on board memory, Swype, and more. If you’re… Read more

White Galaxy S and Motorola DEFY land at Carphone Warehouse

If you’ve been pining that white Galaxy S that was seen floating around the web quite some time ago (which eventually landed in Asia), and happen to have access to Carphone Warehouse in the UK, then your wait is coming to and end. Announced today, the White Galaxy S will be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse, to the tune of 0 dollars and 0… Read more

Froyo coming to Galaxy S and HTC Legend

Great news for users of both the UK’s GT I9000 and HTC Legend, as the two devices should start seeing Froyo soon. According to @SamsungUKMobile, the rollout of Froyo to the Galaxy S has already begun. It seems like a large time-frame, but Sammy expects all users in the UK to have received the update by the end of November. In order to speed the process… Read more

Samsung Mesmerize hits U.S. Cellular

Samsung Galaxy S phones have been a smash hit on all four top U.S. Carriers, and U.S. Cellular joined the game today with the launch of the Samsung Mesmerize SCH-i500. The device will run $199 on a new contract after $80 mail-in rebate. Aside from branding, the Mesmerize is an awful lot like T-Mobile’s Vibrant, which happens to be my favorite of the Galaxy… Read more