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Samsung Galaxy SIII Premium Suite Detailed In Video (Part 1)

Previously we had mentioned that the international Samsung Galaxy SIII would be receiving the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update with a plethora of new features. Now Samsung Tomorrow has released a video detailing what you can expect from the premium suite upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Contextual Awareness: Page Buddy: Your phone will predict… Read more

Stable Builds Of CyanogenMod 10 Emerge For Various Devices

The CyanogenMod team has finally released an official statement regarding these stable builds. The entire statement (found on Google+) has been posted below. While the CyanogenMod team has yet to issue an official statement it appears that stable builds are coming out of their popular CyanogenMod 10 ROM. According to the CyanogenMod download site… Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Multi-Window Feature May Head To Galaxy SIII Via Android 4.1.2 Update

One of the most innovative and highly touted features on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note II is the device’s Multi-Window ability. Suddenly multi-tasking has become possible. For example, users can now have two applications open on-screen at any one time – a browser window up top, and a YouTube video down below all without slowing down the phone. Well it… Read more

New CyanogenMod 10 M2 Build Released

Over on the CyangoenMod site, the CM10 team revealed that their latest “M” - milestone or monthly – build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been released. As previously reported, the “M” builds of the popular CyanongenMod 10 firmware are to be the definitive stable versions of CM10. The “M” builds are described as “ready to use as your daily driver” when… Read more