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Samsung Galaxy SIII for MetroPCS arriving this Fall

Good news has arrived for subscribers to the nation’s 5th largest carrier. This fall, MetroPCS is slated to carry the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This version of the Galaxy S III will be equally as powerful  as the multiple variants available today. The only difference being the “MetroPCS” logo will be labeled on the back of the device. As with… Read more

1-Click App Roots & Unlocks Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 3

Last night, we told you about XDA’s bootloader unlocking of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy 3.  Tonight, we bring you even better news: developers at RootzWiki have added an app to the Google Play Store which roots and unlocks the phone in one click.  As the description of VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock (Bootloader) states:  “It doesn’t get much easier than this… Read more

Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Appears on T-Mobile Site

For a device that has yet to be officially announced, the existence of a  Black Samsung Galaxy S3 has become more of a reality, now with US Carrier T-Mobile essentially confirming the phone via it’s site. Hints of the darker shade of the Galaxy SIII were shown in Germany back in June, yet people were still skeptical. Then Samsung had displayed… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Developers Edition ‘Coming Soon!’ According To Samsung’s Site

Earlier this month, Samsung announced that it was going to release a Developer Edition of the Galaxy S III for Verizon.  This version is identical to the existing Verizon model, except you now have the option to unlock the bootloader.  Well it looks like that device will soon be available.  Samsung’s site now displays that the Developer Edition is… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII Review [Video]

Where do you even get started with a phone like this? The Galaxy SIII is easily the most anticipated Android handset from the beginning of 2012, and it’s finally upon us here in the United States. Enjoy the full video review! Hardware Internally, the Galaxy SIII is awesome. It features a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual core processor and 2GB of RAM,… Read more