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Grand Theft Auto III now available in the Android Market

Earlier in the month we found out that Grand Theft Auto III would be coming to the Android Market on the 15th of December, and now that the date has arrived, so has the game. Keep in mind that the title does have some restrictions, though, and won’t work on every single Android device out there. The developers have decided to launch the game on only a… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 used by American Airlines for in-flight entertainment

While some people out there are terrified of turning on gadgets when they’re on an airplane, the airlines don’t want you to be scared. Oh no, they want you to have as much fun as you can while you’re flying the friendly skies (or something like that). In any event, American Airlines is hoping to make it a lot easier to have fun by placing a 10.1-inch tablet… Read more

Appeals judge in Australia agrees with Samsung, says ban on products is unfair

Samsung hasn’t had the best of luck in Australia as of late, and it’s due entirely to the legal battles the company is having with Apple all over the world. It wasn’t too long ago that Apple won a major suit in the ongoing troubles, where the result was Samsung’s local subsidiaries were unable to actually sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Obviously that had a big… Read more

CyanogenMod 9 ICS hitting Galaxy Tab 10.1

For those that have been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SGT10.1 hereafter) since its release, the wait for Ice Cream Sandwich looks to be short and sweet. Steve Kondik, the man behind CyanogenMod announced on Google+ today that he would be releasing the SGT10.1 ICS flavor of CyanogenMod “soon”. This will be CyanogenMod’s first natively-supported… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.2 update rolling out now, reportedly breaking WiFi and other features

Everyone loves a good update, especially when it brings your favorite software to the latest and greatest version. Luckily for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners out there, the update to Android 3.2 is now being rolled out. However, while an update like this should go over well enough, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. For some, plenty in fact, owners… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 teased to launch with US Cellular’s 4G network

So US Cellular is launching their 4G LTE network soon, and while the wireless carrier is more than willing to talk about the network enhancements, they are being coy about the actual devices they will be launching. They’ve said that it will be within the first quarter of 2012 that we’ll see a device, but we’re impatient, so seeing this leaked slide has us… Read more

T-Mobile SpringBoard lands a launch date, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 goes along for the ride

While T-Mobile has been perfectly open about their upcoming tablet devices, they have been remarkably shy when it comes to need-to-know pieces of information, like a launch date and price tag. While we’re still missing the price on both tablet devices, we’ve at least got the launch dates for both. The Huawei-manufactured T-Mobile SpringBoard will launch… Read more