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Samsung May Announce The Next-Gen Galaxy Tab 7 At MWC

A newspaper in Korea released a story saying that Samsung will be announcing their next generation of Galaxy Tabs at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. It looks like the announcement will only be for its next gen of 7-inch tablets and not the 10.1-inch tablets. The new Galaxy Tab 7 will feature a full 1080p display as well as a… Read more

Apple Loses Appeal In The UK On iPad Design Appeal – Required To Place Ads Stating Samsung’s Not Copying

It appears Apple remains diligent in trying to leverage legal action to “protect” everything and anything impacting their brand. Of course, by now, the world is aware of Apple’s recent victory over Samsung in the US on patent infringement. News of additional lawsuits internationally have also been reported proving this is a massive effort by Apple on a… Read more

Samsung executive says company isn’t doing very well in the tablet market

Despite the fact that Samsung has a literal plethora of tablets available out there, it doesn’t look like everything is going so well for the company. During Mobile World Congress, Samsung’s product strategy executive Hankil Yoon cleared the air, clearly stating that SAmsung isn’t doing all that great within the tablet market. Here’s the pull quote from… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab usage down, Amazon Kindle Fire now at large

We knew that Amazon’s cheap tablet, the Kindle Fire, had some great sales this past holiday season. It turns out that they cut into the Android usage market, and even cut the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s usage in half. In November the Galaxy Tab held 63% of the usage on Android tablets. By January, it held only 36% of the market. By that time, Amazon’s tablet… Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad and other tablets on sale today

So you’ve been waiting on prices to drop on tablets. You really really want one but just can’t afford it. Well, today may be your lucky day. Looks like the folks over at Lenovo are trying to push their numbers for Q1, at least in terms of IdeaPad A1 sales. Clicking this link here, will take you to the tablet which is being sold for a door-busting $199.20…. Read more

Samsung reportedly reevaluating whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab can get Android 4.0

Four days ago Samsung rocked the mobile market by announcing that the original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab would not be getting an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. They told the world that it was due to a memory allowance on both devices, and that it would be hard to upgrade the devices due to the lack of it on each. While Samsung is sticking… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab won’t be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung explains why

While Samsung, along with the other manufacturers out there have been pretty transparent about their update plans and strategies for upgrading existing devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s obviously not going to be all good news. If you are someone out there who still owns an original Samsung Galaxy S or the original Galaxy Tab, then you’ve… Read more