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Samsung Galaxy Teos and Naos

Before you get too excited here, these devices are not the Galaxy devices you are used to. None-the-less, they will still fill a spot the will always need filling in every carriers Android line-up; mid-range devices. The Teos and Naos are only slight variants to the Galaxy 3 and Apollo, with specs to match: WQVGA screen, Android 2.1, Touzhwiz, 3MP… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 2

Before I jump into this post, I want to say something heartfelt to you all. Please, do not let things like this rumor deter you from buying a new phone right now. No matter what, there will always be something bigger and better right down the road. With the way Android and technology is progressing… There’s not much you can do but hold on and enjoy what… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Q

Hey Samsung, think you could get any more confusing right now? Seriously, you guys are getting almost as bad as Verizon and their Droids. I mean… sorry I’ll just stop there. There is a rumor going around right now that Samsung is working on a new Android phone with a new form factor. This new device (to be called the Galaxy Q) is said to have a front… Read more