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HTC Ruby and Samsung Hercules rumored to launch October 26

The HTC Ruby and Samsung Hercules are starting to get a bit more attention in the rumor mill, which makes sense considering their rumored specifications. While the HTC Ruby may or may not be the next high-end device to hit the market (rumors are starting to point that it will be a high-end smartphone), the Samsung Hercules is certainly positioned to be one… Read more

T-Mobile’s 2011 lineup leaks, Android devices galore

One would think that with the ongoing procedures paving the way for T-Mobile to be swallowed by AT&T, the company would show more signs of slowing down. Network build-out for the magenta carrier may be at a standstill, but if a leaked 2011 product lineup from This is my next still holds any weight, it would appear that the T-Mobile train certainly isn’t… Read more