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Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Intercept updated to Froyo 2.2

Intercept users on Virgin Mobile, rejoice! Word is flowing in online that owners of the Sammy branded slider are receiving an over the air update to Android 2.2, Froyo, now. Rolling out in waves, once users receive the update, they’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of Froyo and more; after installing the update, you’ll notice your device has a new… Read more

Samsung Intercept (Sprint) unboxing and hands on

I’m getting two Androids with hardware keyboards this week, and I’m kinda excited about it. The Nexus One finally gave me the screen I needed to make the switch completely to virtual keyboards, but it’s nice to type without looking once in a while. I can’t say for sure that this phone will or will not enable me to do that, but the Intercept is pretty slick… Read more

Samsung Intercept now official

Coming out on July 11th, weighing in at $99 after rebate on a two year contract, Sprint is pleased to bring you: The Samsung Intercept. Let’s not be coy about this one people, we knew it was coming. We’ve seen the video and we all now how Best Buy already has them in stock, but none-the-less, it’s nice to see it go official. The $99 dollar price tag… Read more

Samsung Intercept on video

Maybe the period around a holiday is a good time to check local retailers for upcoming devices. Or, maybe this dude is just plain lucky. More likely, he works at Best Buy or has a buddy/family member that does. He was able to pick up Sprint’s follow up to the Moment – the Samsung Intercept – a full week before they officially become available to the public…. Read more

Samsung Intercept image leak


The follow-up to last year’s Moment is headed for Sprint on July 11th – the same day as the Motorola i1. Available in gray and pink flavors, the Intercept – or SMH-M910 – will ship with Android 2.1 and what I think is a handsome looking keyboard. An official announcement should be coming along any day now, so stay tuned to DroidDog for more details as they… Read more