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Nexus S reboot bug soon to be squashed

It’s been a long road for Nexus S (review) users experiencing random reboots on their device. The issue has been opened, discussed, and closed so many times on Google’s code tracker, until now the future of the situation was a complete mystery. Fortunately, it looks like Android coder Ry Guy has come to the rescue: The initial results of our tests… Read more

FCC clears Samsung GT-i9023

The Ice Cream Sandwich fork mystery deepens with an FCC filing for Samsung’s GT-i9023. A video from German site BestBoyz (embedded above) shows a Nexus S’ about screen, which reveals the device is running Android 2.4 and has a baseband version starting with “i9023.” This is very close to the original Nexus S model number, GT-i9020. It seems reasonable… Read more

Ubuntu running on Samsung Nexus S

Ubuntu is the ubiquitous flavor of GNU/Linux that seems to wind up an every electronic device that features a display. And the same cat that brought Ubuntu to the HD2 and MeeGo to the Nexus S has combined software and methodology from both hacks to get Ubuntu up and running on the Nexus S. As always–and it should be obvious–this is a… Read more

Nexus S comes complete with no Gorilla Glass

It seems odd that the entirety of Samsung’s Galaxy S line comes complete with an extra durable, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen, but the Nexus S doesn’t. Unfortunately, that’s the fact of the matter. This weekend, @Samsungservice was asked by @Corning, who was asked by someone else, if the Nexus S has a Gorilla Glass screen. The answer? “@Corning… Read more

Video: Gingerbread running on Galaxy S

Don’t get too excited at that title, Galaxy S owners; no OTA Gingerbread update is headed your way just yet. But hackers are hard at work, tweaking the Nexus S OS for its hardware predecessor. Functionality is very limited at the moment: WiFi, GPS, camera, and even voice features are out of commission. But you can admire the snappy performance and killer… Read more

ifixit tears down Nexus S

Whether you dropped your lovely new device in liquid and need to clean it out or you just like to see the guts of gadgetry, ifixit, as always, has you covered with a tear down of the hottest new phone on the market. This time, Google’s Nexus S is exposed. Ooooh, that contour screen. Mmmm, that 1GHz Hummingbird. And oh, oh, the 5MP cam. Hummina, hummina,… Read more

Google sends the Nexus S into space

If you ever doubted the power of the Nexus S, then do so no more. A team of scientists, comprised of Google engineers and students from University of California, Santa Cruz, have gotten together to test the Nexus S in a slightly less conventional way than most handset manufacturers or software developers do – By sending it into space. Seven Nexus S’… Read more

Nexus S launch details from Best Buy

December 16th is the big day for techies who like to stay up to speed with Google’s latest iteration of their truly mobile OS, Android. And Best Buy is counting on a lot of those folks showing up at their retail locations on Thursday, ready to snatch up their considerabel supplies of the Gingerbread equipped Nexus S phones. Stock levels vary by location,… Read more

Google Nexus S Challenge = FREE FONEZ!!1!

Are you following @googlenexus on Twitter? You should be. They are giving away one Nexus S per day until December 16th. The googlenexus twitter account is sending out links and hints to puzzles, hidden content, etc., and the first person to reply with the correct solution to each challenge gets a free phone! It all started yesterday with a link to the… Read more